Caroline Shares Her Journey
To Health, Empowerment,
& Unconditional Love

I first began exploring conscious thought when I was seven. I sat on my mother’s bed in our Long Island, New York home – each house just like the other, a container for each family’s laughter, pain, and growth – and asked her what a person who does not eat meat is called. She said, “A vegetarian.” And I said that is what I am going to be. Now 53 years later I have continued to embrace my personal decision, though my journey has taught me to not judge others and to not live in a world of duality. I honor the decisions of others to eat the the bodies of animals and support the efforts of those raising food animals with respect. For me, though, it is not food. It does not feed my soul and at age seven it was a serious moral issue that kept me separate from all others.

After a childhood of living on cookies, candy, and ice cream, my body had had enough and at age fourteen I began to explore an all-natural diet. I rode my bike to the health food store to purchase organic flours to bake bread. I studied organic gardening, beekeeping, and homesteading. I read Frances Moore Lappé’s Diet For A Small Planet. I cooked from Anna Thomas’s The Vegetarian Epicure, baked with James Beard’s Beard on Bread and Edward Espe Brown’s Tasajara Bakery, and treasured a lesser known handbook to conscious eating- where I first learned of a diet without eggs and alliums. My skills and joy in the kitchen grew and my consciousness expanded. I took long walks, read Thoreau, began a daily yoga practice, and decided to do something important with my life. I headed to University of California at Davis to study Plant Science to learn to grow food professionally with the plan to nourish the world on a beautiful plant-based diet. I was disappointed that Davis had not yet discovered organics and instead of working through their system to inspire creative sustainable agriculture, I turned to the much more playful world of bikinis, boys, and beer. Lacking an inner belief in myself and the skills to move forward with my life, my true path became more hidden from me. My health began to decline and I found myself out of school, lost, disempowered, and back on Long Island.

At age twenty-six, I moved to Houston, Texas and began a romance with my first cousin. He had recently graduated from Harvard and was totally lost. He took an interest in my plans to write sitcom scripts and screenplays and recognized what he saw in me as his true path.  We made plans to spend a life together, moved to Los Angeles, and got married.  He went on to a very successful career as a TV comedy writer and I devoted myself to our three children – all beautiful, wise, and filled with humor.  We lived in a converted barn by the beach in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Our marriage rocky and empty.  I went into a private world – homeschooling the kids, cherishing my time with them. Spending much money each day, cultivating personal disempowerment, and gaining skills at the same time as I  became an amazing cook and baker keeping all three children well-fed and loved.

I had always wanted to visit Hawaii and in 2004 we spent 9 days in Kona on the Big Island. After we returned nothing would ever be the same. Bed-ridden, exhausted, depressed, and mysteriously gaining weight, I turned to the help of a gifted naturopath. She taught me about food allergies and working with herbs. She helped my body to heal from the parasites I had picked up on the trip and the yeast overgrowth I was feeding. She guided me off gluten, dairy, and eggs.  I lost weight. My energy soared. Some sense of empowerment began to grow in me.  I spiritually awakened, discovered raw foods, decided to end my marriage, and began to study spiritual healing.  Sounds great? If only I had truly believed in myself. That is the key – our relationship with ourselves. Our deep belief in our own unlimited potential. But that can be elusive when we first get the keys to our own lives. I chose to give my power to others and what followed was an amazing learning experience.

In the United States, we learn at an early age that life is about the good guys and the bad guys. Cops and robbers. Cowboys and Indians. The North vs. The South. Democrats vs. Republicans. We are taught duality. We embrace fear. We harbor anger and hate. We rarely experience moments of unconditional love, true gratitude, and empowerment. So when I tell you that I fell into a trap of off-planet mind control, please try to understand it was never them vs me, it was a shared journey. Mind control takes many forms. Television, advertising, school curriculums,  pharmaceutical companies, newspapers, the Internet, government, and sometimes it can be a more direct personally-tailored experience. I woke from it in the fall of 2007 and untangled the elaborate lies and illusions with no anger and no fear. It happened cause I had allowed it to happen. After many apologies to my children, I began to truly study spiritual healing, I dug deeply into my path, and uncovered the truth I had been searching for since I was a small child – all of creation lives in our hearts. We are truly one.

While doing an initiation for a healing class, my beloved guide Sasquatch merged with me. I began to sing Native American songs and remember my life as this great lightening Shaman who had learned from the Sasquatch. My abilities as a healer grew. My visions became more powerful and clear. I deepened my connection with plants and their healing wisdom. I began to write about conscious evolution and personal empowerment.  It came into my consciousness that I am a Pleiadian Emissary of Light and a Soul Aspect of Ra. In September of 2008, I received the vision for Spirit of the Dawn and launched the following spring. I began a series of popular raw food gatherings opening my house to the community. I loved doing the gatherings and began developing a raw food cuisine to dazzle my guests with. In the next incarnation of Spirit of the Dawn I began hosting my own interview-style radio show bringing forth important teachings from healers, visionaries, and artists. Along the way, my kids and I made a huge move to Ashland, Oregon to begin a new adventure. All three of my children have moved on and moved forward with their lives and I am thriving in the Lemurian energy of the west coast. Ashland brought the magic of the surrounding mountains into my life and a passion for hiking. I met up with an old friend who found me just the right pipe and made me a pipe carrier. I met my partner Jason Kambak and together we share the co-creativeness of romance, laughter, love, and creating a home and a small urban homestead.  And my work with Spirit of the Dawn has evolved, too, with a mission to ignite, inspire, and empower individuals to create with consciousness a vibrant lifestyle and a soul-generated lifework, while at the same time enjoying creating my own conscious lifestyle and lifework. I enjoy co-creating Spirit of the Dawn Podcast and am so grateful to all of my inspirational guests, those who have enjoyed listening to their interviews, to Brian Zach and Synrgy for the use of their song “Embrace The Change”, and to Jason for editing each show. Each show is a mini-workshop for me as I learn so much from my guests’ teachings and wisdom. Spirit of the Dawn Online Courses will launch soon with The Art of Raw Desserts Course Collection. So excited to be sharing my passion for raw food cuisine in this new platform!

I have enjoyed living on a mostly raw foods and superfoods diet since 2005. Truly nourishing our bodies is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. I personally benefited greatly when I removed gluten, dairy, and eggs from my already all organic vegetarian diet and began to create my own raw foods cuisine. About three years ago, I made a big improvement to this cuisine and to my diet – the elimination of all nightshades and alliums – big changes which allowed me to reach new levels of emotional balance and physical vitality. I’m having fun now creating new recipes for our online school as Caroline Ra Cuisine continues to evolve. Each day I learn more about the alchemy of food preparation and working with the magic of the plants. And each day I learn more about how better to take care of myself. Joyfully connecting with my body and listening to its needs as I evolve has become an art form, a dance. Each morning I have a special date with my yoga mat and each day I take a walk on the neighborhood hills or a hike on one of the lovely trails surrounding Ashland. One of my greatest joys is playing in the garden and taking care of the animals on our small urban homestead. Connecting with our foods through gardening, prayerful harvesting, and words of gratitude expressed over a plate or as we join together with others around the table are all very important components of conscious eating. A passion for healthy foods and daily exercise since my teen years has helped me to create a lovely, thin, beautiful body that looks and feels youthful and energized. Bursting and bubbling with energy I rise early each morning eager to experience each new day!

Then there is the journey of our souls as expressed in human form. Each of us is the true essence of light and love. We each have our own unique signature energy and our own divine blueprint. We are each part of a greater soul and all together we are part of a greater whole. Personal and planetary rebirth are the themes we have chosen to experience at this time of tremendous transformation. A new paradigm in healing is being birthed as we are learning to bring this lifetime and all of our lifetimes on Earth into wholeness held with unconditional love for ourselves and all others. And as we evolve we become empowered creators and wise teachers deeply believing in ourselves thus experiencing our own personal transformation and that of our planetary home.

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