Welcome to Spirit of the Dawn!

Do you sense it? That wonderful knowing that this is the moment, the year and the life to step into your truest self. To express the Magic of Your Soul in all of your actions, thoughts, and emotions. What an exciting time it is!

Embrace the Wholeness of Your Being with Each New Day Evolution – my customized Zoom Sessions. Whether you are in the process of first awakening to a greater consciousness, navigating through a challenging section of your journey, or ready to bring forth your life’s work, I can assist you with tools, inspiration, intuitive guidance, wisdom, and support. Schedule your Free 15-Minute Consultation!

Join me as we launch Spirit of the Dawn Academy with The Art of Raw Desserts, a collection of online courses detailing the creative process involved in making my raw cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, and gelatos. So excited about sharing my passion for raw food cuisine in this new platform! Spirit of the Dawn Podcast is in its second season with inspirational interviews with leaders in the shift in consciousness and a new look as we are producing a vodcast along with the podcast. And Caroline’s Blog is evolving too with articles on conscious living and conscious business, plus energizing recipes from my allium and nightshade free raw food cuisine.

I invite you to share this journey of consciousness, empowerment, and creative expression with me.

In loving service,

Caroline Ra
Pleiadian Emissary of Light
Soul Aspect of Ra