Spirit of the Dawn - from Vision to Mission!
Spirit of the Dawn was birthed early one September morning in 2008. I awoke with a vision of an orange web page with an orange sun rising - then appeared the words Spirit of the Dawn and spiritofthedawn.com. In the moments, days, weeks, and years that followed Spirit of the Dawn grew and evolved in magical ways always with the core mission to inspire personal evolution, consciousness, vibrancy, empowerment, creative expression, and unconditional love for ourselves and all others.
For many years now I have enjoyed interviewing leaders in the shift in consciousness through my radio show and podcast Spirit of the Dawn. I have also enjoyed sharing my conscious lifestyle through Caroline’s Blog. It is time for new adventures, new forms of expression, and new ways to inspire and ignite. I am deeply joyful to be celebrating Spirit of the Dawn’s 10th Anniversary with the creation of Soul Passion Project. Spirit of the Dawn has wanted a child for a while and we have just given birth to a new vision. Soul Passion Project is dedicated to the evolution of heart-centered creative expression and its personal and global impact.
I invite you to visit our new home Soul Passion Project for a growing collection of offerings designed to ignite your inner creator.
I hope that you will join us and Inspire The Magic of Your Soul!
In loving service,
Pleiadian Emissary of Light Caroline Ra
Soul Aspect of Ra